Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Nightstand

I must admit that I have a bit of a voyeuristic side.  I enjoy watching house tours, those "What's in My Purse" videos, and hauls (I especially love grocery hauls, though these are not too common).  Since I enjoy these things I assume others do as well.  Therefore I thought I'd give you a peek at what's on my nightstand.

1. Alarm clock
This alarm clock is amazing!  I can't stand really loud alarms, so I bought one that wakes me up to birds chirping.  It also has a little sun on top that lights up and then rises.  I love it!
2. Magazines
These change pretty often, but right now I have InStyle, Popular Science, Martha Stewart Living, and a teacher supply catalog. 
3. Books
I am always reading a book, and the two I'm working on right now are both nonfiction.  One is a biography of John Adams, the other a self-help book titled Creating Your Best Life Now.  
4. A movie
This is by far the most embarrassing item.  It is one of my favorite movies, but I hate to admit it, because the thing is so darn cheesy!  Oh well.  Everyone needs a little cheese in their life.  The movie is called The Good Witch.  There is a whole series of them shown on the Hallmark Channel, which I don't get because I have stupid Uverse.  Anyway, this is the only one available on DVD.  And I love it.  

There are a few other things: a lamp, a coaster (that I made myself!), and three tealight holders (all of which are empty with the exception of some Chapstick).  

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  1. You would cringe at the disarray of my bedroom. Right now it's an office/bedroom due to our downsize from house to apt. Right now I think it's littered with pink foam earplugs that Mimi spilled out of a package and played with, a tervis tumbler with some water and my Iphone charger cord...and book one of twilight (I'm shamefully a twilight fan)