Friday, July 29, 2011

My favorite summertime scent

I love Victoria's Secret Pink Sunny and Happy because:
1. It smells sooooo good!  There is no scent description on the bottles, so you're stuck with me trying to describe it, something I have never done before.  It smells like orange cotton candy with enough of some kind of perfumey (floral perhaps?) scent to keep you from wanting to eat it.  
2. It's a body spray, which is perfect for the scorching heat.  Perfume can be heavy, while this is nice and light. 
3. The scent lingers. 
4. Sometimes when I put on Bath and Body Works body sprays I cough and sneeze my respiratory system is overwhelmed.  I have never had that problem with this product. 
5. The name says it all: Sunny and Happy.  

As for the cost, when I purchased these at the end of May they were on sale for two for $20.  Which I don't think is too bad.  

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