Saturday, July 30, 2011

Date Night

Almost every Friday my mom and stepdad watch Claire for a couple of hours so that Chris and I can have some alone time.  Actually, that's not true.  They watch Claire because they want some time with their granddaughter, and if Chris and I are around she pretty much ignores them and clings to us.  So we vamoose.  

Here is our date night starting with my outfit:
I look miffed, but really I'm not.  I'm not the most photogenic person and this was the best shot.  

Here's what I wore:
Gray shorts from Banana Republic
Pink tank from Forever 21
A pink sparkly bracelet from Premiere Jewelry
A small infinity bracelet from Dogeared Jewelry
A small bee necklace from Dogeared Jewelry

And here are my shoes:

They are from DSW online.

Claire helped me add some lipgloss:

Don't I look so much better?

Claire and Chris anxiously await my parents' arrival:

My parents arrived soon after and Chris and I were off.  We went to a little Mexican restaurant that we had never even heard of before.  Now I'd like to say that we went there because of spontaneity and our adventurous spirits, but the truth is we had a coupon.  At any rate, the food was very good.  We ordered margaritas, I had some guacamole.  Chris ordered the special which was a burrito, an enchilada, and a taco.  I got some flautas. We had fun and I think we'll go back the next time we, cough, have a coupon...

Lime margaritas on the rocks with salt - yum! 

I am a lucky girl to have such a handsome date!

After we left we drove around for a bit, found a coupon for ice cream, and hit the local Baskin Robbins.  Then we headed home.  It was a great evening!

BTW I know that I am sooooo lucky that my parents do this for us!  I am so thankful that Chris and I get alone time and I love seeing their relationship with Claire blossom.  

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  1. I have the same tank from forever 21 but mine is (cough) a little tighter on SO awesome you have free babysitting every friday night. Love that you're bloggin more :-)